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Bringing for the FIRST TIME Ever INKCASA EDGE application for client

  • Track your Project status

    Track the progress of your interior designs with our uniquely designed INKCASA EDGE App for your device. Take a look at how your space is coming up with just one glance at our app.

  • Monitor with CCTV

    To ensure a smart system for monitoring your space, we have integrated a CCTV feature so that you can watch the process as it takes space in real-time.

  • Obtain Receipts

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  • File and Documents

    There is no need for you to look through innumerable bills anymore. All your invoices and documents are kept and saved digitally on our app.

  • Convenience at your Fingertips

    Through our app, we bring convenience to your fingertips and screens. We value your time and therefore ensure that your requirements are fulfilled with ease and simplicity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Consult with us to see how your designs can be planned to reflect your style.
We understand your requirements, your style, budget and situation, ideas, etc...
We provide you with layout and 3D preview for clear visuals, with colours, textures & finishes, and help you material selection.