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Vastu Consultancy

We, at Inkcasa, believe that Vastu Shastra is a powerful science which ensures good energies, loss reductions, good moods, harmony and a sense of balanced life. With the help of Vastu experts in our team, we suggest how to do interior decoration of our clients’ homes, buildings and rooms, offices or any desired residential or commercial places. Interior arrangement with Vastu consideration, helps in Achieving harmony in the energy flow between one's house, nature, and self in order to create the ideal living or working environment. It also plays an important role in transforming one's current residence space into a distinctive, beautiful, and sophisticated home of exceptional perfection.

  • Suggesting the flooring of the building
  • Suggesting the colours of paints for different rooms like living room, bedrooms, children room etc.
  • Suggesting the lighting scheme of different rooms
  • Suggesting the type, shape and material of furniture of different rooms
  • Placement of electrical appliances like microwave, washing machine, inverter,TV etc.
  • Suggesting the indoor plants to be kept inside and to be avoided there
  • Suggesting the type of paintings, statues, sculptures etc. and their directions

Our Offerings

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Home interiors with budget-friendly options

We provide complete interior solutions for every budget.

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Factory Finish Quality

Good Finish, Superior Materials and Detailed Output is assured.

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Modern, Smart & Practical

We offer smart, functional and space-saving architectural concepts.

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Personalised Solutions

We customised solutions to match your sense of style and way of life.

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Site Visit & Measurement

We believe in accuracy and zero errors, eventually optimizing your costs and time.

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10 Year Warranty*

Peace of Mind comes guaranteed, right? We assure you a premium experience.

Guided Product Purchase

We believe that your interior design should blend with every element of your home, be it a wall clock, a vase or a photo frame. There are decorating secrets only professionals know. We guide you with selecting, sourcing, and purchasing, the right price, the right size, right colour and the right products that would complement your home interiors.

Vertical Gardening Consultancy

Vertical is the way to go whether you're short on space or need to build some covering to give privacy on a patio, deck, or balcony! To enhance your growing space, our interior designers and professional consultant would help you make the most.

Kids' Room

Decorating your child's room is often a tedious task and that is exactly why we are here to help. Afterall, they too deserve a special place for them.


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