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How We Work


Step 01.

Talk To Us

Consult with us to see how your designs can be planned to reflect your style.


Step 02.

Gather Requirements

We understand your requirements, your style, budget and situation, ideas, etc.


Step 03.

Get Dedicated Designer Assigned

Considering every aspects like choice, budget, etc., we assign you a right professional designer from our panel of experts, suitable for your project.


Step 04.

3D Preview, Drawings & Materials

We provide you with layout and 3D preview for clear visuals, with colours, textures & finishes, and help you material selection.


Step 05.

Get Mobile Application

Get our specially designed app to track your project status, get documents and invoices online, monitor your space with a CCTV camera and get everything at your convenience.


Step 06.

Handover Project

You will receive a guide on where furniture should be placed so you can action the new changes yourself in your own time. Along the way you might even find you’re enjoying the process and want to take the bull by the horns and run the renovation yourself (win!) so you can engage our services. Sit back and enjoy your new space!


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